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sample house and candle shopEucalyptusI found the Thymes Eucalyptus collection years ago while on vacation in Florida. It has been my vorite fragrance ever since. When I use it Im reminded of the trip and how great and energized I feel. Ive also used the room spray for years which makes the house smell fresh and inviting. When friends come over they comment on how fresh the house smells. Recently Ive started using the diffuser and absolutely love it as well. Thank you for this wonderful fragrance I just love the entire collection!

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Ive worn the Eucalyptus body cream for many years now and have always received compliments but three stand out. The first is from my year old daughter. Ever since she was very little and to this day, when she hugs me, she always breathes in deeply. Recently, I asked her why she did this. Because you always smell so good. And it gives me memories of when I was little because every time you hugged me or picked me from school, you always smelled so clean and good. I know that I will forever think of you when I smell your perfume. The second came from a patient a couple of years ago. I am an RN and I had a patient that was bed bound and very sick who had been in the hospital for many days. We are unable to open the windows at our hospital for safety reasons so patients tend to feel a little shut off from the outside. As I was administering this patients medicine, he said, You smell so good like youve brought the outdoors in with you very clean and fresh, makes me almost feel like I am outside myself thank you. The third was from a coworker. It had been a particularly rough day, very busy with high acuity patients. At the end of the day, as my charge nurse wished me good night, she said, You know Dawn, you smell just as good and clean and fresh as you did this morning it makes me think the day just wasnt that bad. She has since ordered some Eucalyptus body cream herself. So thank you Thymes, for creating a fragrance that has created special moments for me and for others.

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I hope the body spray. Not just the cologne comes back! Im almost out!!! I get so many compliments on it!!! Please!

My best friend married the love of her life in November of . As a gift for her bridesmaids, she gave us Thymes Eucalyptus Lotion and Body Wash. I was instantly enthralled with this lite, clean fragrance and have been an ardent user of it every since. The Body Lotion makes me feel completely moisturized and I am constantly asked, what is that fragrance youre wearing. I also keep a tube of the Eucalyptus Hand Crme in my purse and just recently tried the Eucalyptus Candle. It leaves the whole house fragrant with eucalyptus and lemon. This entire line is FABULOUS!

Please, please, please tell me youre going to make more eucalyptus bubble bath. It is the best part of my whole day.

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Arching, graygreen trees native to Australia yield eucalyptus oil, prized for its invigorating character. Steamed distilled from the leaves, its essential oil reveals a fresh, clean fragrance.Coldpressed from the fruit peel, lemon essential oil has the bright, clean, ripe fragrance that makes it beloved the world over.Paraguay is home to the largest production of petitgrain oils, which are steam distilled from leaves of the bitter orange tree. Its citrusy fragrance is strong and bittersweet, with floral and woody nuances.Named for Bergamo, the Southern Italy city in which it flourishes, this citrus is a cross between pear, lemon and Seville orange. Expressed from the ripe peel, its essential oil imparts a fruity sweetness in fragrances and flavorings, including that of Earl Grey tea.A native of Southeast Asia made mous in Thai and Vietnamese cooking, lemongrass is a tropical grass with bright bluishgreen leaves. Its essential oil is extracted through steam distillation, releasing a lemony flavor for which it is named.A tree that thrives in cold boreal climates, fir is identified by its needlelike leaves, graygreen bark and cylindrical cones. Extracted through the leaves, its refreshing essential oil emits a lush, resinous scent that balances sweet and balsamic.

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